Welcome to the Potemkin!


Welcome to the USS Potemkin. Bravo Fleet's "Grumpy old Man! If your cup of tea is a shiny new ship then you're probably not in the right place. (Unless you time warped here from the turn of the century.) The Potemkin's keel was laid down in 2326, after the original Potemkin was decommissioned. He was commissioned in a ceremony at San Fransisco Fleet Yards above Earth under the command of Captain Selik of Vulcan. Since then the this ship has carried on the legacy of her previous incarnation as one of Starfleet's most reliable and durable vessels. This wiki will be home to the Potemkin's adventures as part of Task Force 72 in Bravo Fleet. If this is your first time here, look around. Check out the Potemkin's rich history, and learn about the ship and the adventures that his current crew are involved in. And if you're looking for a great sim to be a part of.. look no further!

And so we don't offend the old guy, in the spirit of Russian Naval tradition the Potemkin is referred to in the masculine. The ship isn't a she. He's a man.. hence the "Grumpy old Man".

News and Notes 17 November 2386

Welcome to the following new crew…

Lt. Commander Jack Kelso. LTCDR Kelso will be the Potemkin's new Executive Officer
LT. Vince Stryfe, the new Chief Helmsman
and last but not least, LTJG Kyan Mackenzie, the new tactical officer/Security Chief

- The Potemkin is still looking to fill a few senior positions. To apply for a position, check the "JOIN" link to the right. We are currently recruiting for the following senior staff positions, and all junior positions…

- Chief of Operations
- Ship's Counselor

  • The Potemkin also accepts exchange officers from other entities. (Klingon Defense Force, Romulan Military, Cardassian, Bajoran, etc.

**Please note that at this time the Potemkin has no plans to carry a Marine contingent. That isn't set in stone however. If you have a great idea for a marine character that you think would work well with the Potemkin's set up… please submit it anyway! I'll check over everything and we'll brainstorm it. That goes for pretty much any character idea.

Mission Notes

The Potemkin has begun her first mission, "The Cold Equation".


The Potemkin and his crew have been assigned to ferry supplies and medical aid to one of the many colonies affected by the Valoris Nebula phenomenon. The colony in question, Villanos III has a small populous, and no way to defend themselves against repeated raids by Breen slave traders. When the Potemkin arrives, the CO, Engineer, and Chief Medical Officer beam down to coordinate the relief efforts. Meanwhile back on the ship, an unwelcome visitor arrives……