Welcome! I'm glad you're interested in pursuign a character on the
Potemkin. Please read over the join page and when you're ready to submit the application, send it to moc.liamtoh|24cilohohcirej#moc.liamtoh|24cilohohcirej.

Position requirements!

Alot of the same requirements apply for Department heads as any other area on the ship. But if you plan on playing a "main" character, then you ought to be aware that your increased role warrants increased participation. If you can't contribute a large portion of the story, worth billing a s a main character, then you might want to try a junior position and work up to that chief slot. OOC it's pretty much identical because with our setup, everyone is on equal footing. So the same rules apply. IC, it's alot of the same things. "How do you fit in to what you see going on here?" "How does my character fit on the Potemkin?" Remember, to your character, the Potemkin is an old beater, not one of the shiny new ships that get all the glory. Maybe you want that. Maybe you're not really happy with it. Maybe you're joining for the OOC comraderie and you'll work out the IC stuff later. That's perfectly valid too. It's a little dangerous though because sometimes you think you can develop the character and you just come up blank.. but the OOC aspect is great for you. That's not really good for a department head type character because they're main players in the story. Would TNG have been as awesome as it was if Brent Spiner's performance as Data had been uninspired? Probably not. The same is true here. I want you to apply here, and I want to fill up the crew slots, but I also only want people who have a passion for the story.

Here is a list of positions that I want to fill first. Feel free to apply for anything you want of course, but these are my top priority right now. I'll also include a rank scale for each, which is negotiable also.

Executive Officer (LT-LCMR)
Tactical Officer/Chief of Security (ENS-LCMR)
Pilot (ENS-LCMR)
Science Officer(ENS-LCMR)
Operations Officer (PO3-LTJG)
All other ship's positions (E-1 - LCMR)

I will also consider ANY exchange officer from outside Starfleet for any position on the ship that's currently open. Check the manifest to see where you might fit in. Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Ferengi… etc. So if that appeals to you, go ahead and hit me with an app!


e-mail address:
Age:(Potemkin is a 15+ Writing group)
Previous Simming experience:
Additional info: (What else do you bring to the sim?) Any HTML experience? Graphics? Anything else you feel I might want to know goes here.

Character Info
Personal Appearance: (General Appearance. Height… Weight.. number of arms… etc. )
General Personality Profile: (Who is he/she/hir?)
Starfleet Service Record: (Assignments, years… promotions.. etc.)
Position/Rank Desired

Sample Post: (Any situation you want, with the character you're applying with.)

Remember to send your completed application to moc.liamtoh|24cilohohcirej#moc.liamtoh|24cilohohcirej! you WILL hear back within 24 hours barring any unforseen circumstances on my end. Once again, thanks for applying!